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Adjust Servings:
80 g Carrots
80 g Leeks
1 sprig Celery
50 g Parsley
2 sprigs fresh Thyme
2 Bay leaves
3 liters Water
1.2 kg Onions
3 tbs Butter
2 tbs Olive oil
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Black pepper freshly ground
0.5 tsp Sugar
3 tbs Flour
100 ml dry White wine
50 ml Brendy
1 Baguette
75 g yellow Cheese
75 g Pecorino

French onion soup


  • Vegetarian

A taste like no other

  • 150 min
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


  • Broth

  • Soup


Classic and satisfying, comfort and hot. Every minute of the cooking process worths it. Soft, caramelized onion melts with salty cheese and crispy baguette in a single, overwhelming taste. French onion soup – Soo Tasty with Soo Foodies!

  • You can prepare broth with meat as well
  • You may freeze some portions of broth for later
  • Original recipe includes Gruyere cheese
  • You may distribute soup in fireproof bowls, top with baguette and cheese and toast for 10 minutes in preheated at 180 C oven


45 minutes


Wash and cut all the vegetables in big pieces. Take deep saucepan, add 3 liters of cold water and all the vegetables. Bring to boil and reduce to medium heat to simmer. Cook for 45 minutes. Remove vegetables with slotted spoon and sieve broth. Leave aside.

20 minutes


Peel, cut in half and slice the onions in thin equal crescents. Take saucepan and heat the hot stove at high temperature. Put butter and olive oil in. Add onion and stir well to grease from all sides. Reduce hot stove temperature and simmer for 15 minutes.

60 minutes

When onion is half stewed, flavor with salt, freshly ground black pepper and sugar. Bring hot stove to medium heat and cook for another hour. Stir often and at the end of the hour, even more often. Onion should become half volume, soft and with amber color.

45 minutes

Add flour to onion with constant stir. Pour wine and stir again. Add broth, bring to boiling point and then reduce to simmer. Stew for another 45 minutes until thickening. Pour the brendy.

15 minutes

Turn the oven on at 180 C. Cut the baguette in slices about 1 cm each. Shred yellow cheese and pecorino and mix them. Sprinkle with the cheese mix and arrange on a baking tray with parchment paper. Toast for 10 minutes to golden brown. Serve portion of hot soup with toast on top. Finish with cheese.

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