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250 g Wheat berry
1 liter Water
20 g Honey
40 g Powdered sugar
20 g Walnuts
20 g Raisins
20 g Cranberries
20 g fillet Almonds

Sweet wheat berry


  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Three ways decoration – modern reading of the tradition

  • 6 h
  • Medium



Wheat berry is one of the traditional meals in the night before Christmas. A symbol of nature and fertility, with major role on our table for years. Enjoy it now flavored 3 different ways. Definitely Soo Tasty with Soo Foodies!

  • Soak the wheat berry in advance for several hours
  • Boiling time depends on the type of wheat
  • You can flavor boiled wheat berry with your favorite toppings



Wash the wheat berry and put it in a bowl to soak for several hours. It will swell with the water. Filtrate it under fluent water at the end. Take a pan and place wheat and water in to boil. Try it from time to time and if wheat is still stiff, add more water and continue boiling until it gets soft.


Divide the wheat berry into 3 equal parts. Flavor first one with honey and walnuts, second one with powdered sugar and raisins and third one with powdered sugar, cranberries and fillet almonds on top.

soofoodies zelevi sarmi main dish
Zelevi sarmi
soofoodies fruit and nut pudding dessert
Fruit & nut pudding
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