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Adjust Servings:
4 Eggs
230 g Sugar
160 g Sunflower oil
380 g Flour
2 tsp Baking powder
0.5 tsp Baking soda
1 Vanilla
1 tea cup grated Apple
1 tea cup grated Pumpkin
50 g Raisins
80 g Walnuts
0.5 tsp Cinnamon
Caramel glaze:
230 g Sugar
50 g Butter
180 g Milk

Caramel glazed apple-pumpkin cake


  • Vegetarian

Delicious fruity treat with heavenly glaze

  • 120 min
  • Serves 8
  • Medium


  • Cake:

  • Caramel glaze:


Autumn aromas that bring memories about cosy family gatherings. Baked fruits in soft dough flavored with cinnamon and topped with caramel glaze. Perfect supplement to the festive table. Soo Tasty with Soo Foodies!

  • You may use other fruits, for example, like pears, quinces or even dried plums
  • Replacing the milk with heavy cream in the caramel glaze would be amazingly delicious too
  • Make sure that both cake and caramel are cold when you pour the glaze. Thus, it won’t soak through the cake and you will have two distinguished flavors
  • You can melt chocolate for the glaze as well (white or dark). Or sprinkle the cake with candy sticks on top, kids will surely love it




Wash and grate the apple and the pumpkin. Chop the walnuts.

Whisk the eggs with the sugar and the oil. Sift the flour and portion by portion add it to the egg mixture. Put the baking powder, the baking soda and the vanilla in. Stir well.

Add the grated fruits, the raisins and the chopped walnuts. Flavor with the cinnamon. Stir again to mingle the ingredients.


Transfer the dough in baking pan. If you use silicone one, there is no need to grease it but if it is regular one spread some butter or sunflower oil at its bottom first.

Bake in preheat oven at 180 C for about 30 minutes or when toothpick inserted in its middle comes out dry. Take it out and let it cool a bit. Carefully move the cake from the baking pan to wooden rack to avoid moisture at the bottom.


Caramel glaze:

Place the sugar in deep saucepan and heat it. Carefully stir to melt completely and get toffee brown color. Withdraw from the hot stove and put the butter in, slowing stirring again. Finally, add the milk and make some final stirs. Leave aside to cool down.

Transfer the cake into serving plate and decorate it lavishly with the caramel glaze.

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