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Adjust Servings:
1 kg Raspberries
500 g Sugar
From half a lemon Lemon juice

Raspberry jam

Jam & Pickles

  • Vegetarian

Full of flavor, juicy and simply delicious

  • 3.5 h.
  • Serves 3
  • Medium



Tasty raspberries combine with sugar in a hot embrace. The result is an extremely fragrant and thick jam, full of delight. If there are pancakes, waffles or just a toast of bread waiting for a companion, this Raspberry jam would surely win the place! Soo Tasty with Soo Foodies!

  • In fact these steps apply for most types of jam you would like to prepare
  • You may need some extra time for soaking as different fruits tend to release their juices for a different period of time depending on the water contents
  • You may use citric acid or fresh lemon juice, for example. They act like conservant in the process



Take deep saucepan and add all the raspberries in. Spread the sugar evenly above. Leave aside at room temperature for about an hour. This will help raspberries to release their natural juices.


Put on the hot stove and bring to boil. Reduce temperature and let the jam simmer for about 2 hours until it thickens. Stir carefully from time to time to avoid burning at the bottom. Occasionally, remove the foam from the top surface.

Withdraw from the hot plate, add the lemon juice and slightly stir.


While it is still hot pour in jars, seal and turn them upside down to vacuum. Leave like this for several hours and store in the cupboard. Enjoy all the year round.

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